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About Us

Our Story

LFP Engineering Pte Ltd, established in 2013, is a Singapore-Owned Company that specializes in Fireproofing Works, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation and Painting Works in the Process Industry.

We are driven by values

Our company is led by Managing Director, Mr Lee Hou Sen. With over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, his leadership and guidance will definitely impact the company positively.

Our project team uses stringent technical guidelines and ISO certified quality control to manage our process for every individual project.

Whether it is a turnaround, shutdown or maintenance program, our company puts in equal amount of effort to ensure that the job is completed within budget, with quality and efficiently.

Company’s Specialisation

We have a specialized team that are experts in variety of services.

With the vast experiences of our director and staff, LFP has a wide range of job exposure in the petrochemical industry for the above-mentioned works. With our own work force, we are capable of undertaking any insulation, fire-proofing and painting projects from small to large scales from any Petrochemical Plants.

Company’s Mission

To create a culture that values performance, excellence and teamwork in the working environment for our staffs.

To ensure that we deliver high quality finished goods to our clients efficiently and effectively without compromising safety of our team

Company’s Vision

To excel in our industry to be the up and coming fireproofing expert and to create more effectiveness in our company by implementing technological driven solutions to create new and long lasting structures.

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